Show Manager Forms & Information

Welcome Show Managers. 

Thank you for your decision to hold an MHJA rated show.  Please remit the Show Approval Form with a copy of your proposed Class List, your certificate of insurance with MHJA board and organization coverage, and a refundable check for $250.00 Deposit is refundable upon submissions of show fees and points within two weeks after the show ends

In order to qualify as rated show, the show manager must set a standard in accordance with MHJA and USEF in managing their show with safety, good sportsmanship, and complete fairness to all exhibitors. In addition, the show must meet the following general guidelines:

  • the show manager (whether an individual or part of an organization) be a current member of the association and familiar with the rules and regulations of MHJA;
  • must offer a minimum of any six (6) Divisions to be eligible for approval. (See Section  VI of the Rule Book for a list of MHJA divisions);
  • employ qualified and/or rated judges;
  • employ a steward

Further guidelines and requirements may be found in Sections II – IV of the Rule Book. Please familiarize yourself with any rule changes and additions on the Rules page of the website.

*Please note that the Drug Fee has increased to $7.

MHJA Rated Show Forms to be announced, currently under review.