MHJA’s 2022 Affiliate Outreach National (AON) Championship Criterion

  1. Letters or emails of intent to participate must be received by Gayl Russell or Heather Davies by September 1st.  
  2. Anyone having a “Gold” Pass will be automatically eliminated from our List of Eligible riders.
  3. Points will count from all MHJA Shows that have their results in at the time the Championship list is due to the USHJA.  This is generally mid to late September.
  4. MHJA Members must compete in at least one (1) MHJA Outreach sanctioned show to be considered for the AON Championships
  5. Any MHJA member found guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior, animal abuse, or acts deemed to represent MHJA and the equestrian sport negatively, will be ineligible for competition at the AON Championships. 


  • Only Juniors and Amateurs may compete at the AON Championships
  • Each horse/rider combination will be allowed to compete in two (2) divisions as long as the heights are concurrent
  • Nomination by MHJA does not constitute automatic entry into the AON Championship. 
    • USHJA will determine the final participant list from ALL Affiliate nominations and those nominated riders who have pre-entered the competition and paid the non-refundable $100 deposit by September 27th.
    • It is important that if you are nominated and would like to compete, that you pre-enter.  Although USHJA takes the top 30 nominated competitors in each divisions, many nominated riders will not attend.  
    • All Information on the USHJA AON Championship can be found HERE


2021 Awards

If you have not received your awards for the 2021 show season, please email mthjassn@gmail.com.  All awards should have been received.    


2021 End Of the Year Awards/Standings

Hunter Divisions *Please note that Year-End Under Saddle points in Hunter and Equitation divisions will count only
for the four (4) top scoring horses in over fences for each division. (rulebook p. 34)

18” Hunter Division
1st – Far Rockaway – Maggie Rogness
2nd -Taffilicious – Ayla Middleton
3rd – Chocolate – Pamela Rozell
4th – Maverick’s Voyage – Jaidah Dance
5th – Spook – Abby Slitter
6th – Blaze N Hearts – Katherine L Templeman
2’ Short Stirrup Division
1st – Blitz – Lola McCurdy
2nd – Tuxedo Tailor – Olivia Krezel
3rd – Jeffers – Emma Puiggari
4th – Louie – Lilly Conklin
5th – Scrabble – Ava Shaw
6th – Posh Prestige – Sue Drue Kerns
2’ Long Stirrup Division
1st – Far Rockaway – Maggie Rogness
2nd – Denzel – Christina Angelucci
3rd – Doc Martin – Ryley Mae Martin
4th – Chocolate – Pamela Rozell
5th – Koko’s Bright Raven – Chelsea Agro
6th – Chocolate Truffle – Zoe Sampson
2’3” Pony Hunter Division
1st – Scrabble – Ava Shaw
2nd – Melody Rose – Sarah James
3rd – Keep the Change – Sarah Gasner
2’3” Open Hunter Division
1st – Far Rockaway – Maggie Rogness
2nd – Sweet As – Liberty Welter
3rd – Ritz Carlton – Leah Stepanian
4th – Bannack – Austen Samet-Brown
5th – PM Jackpot – Grace Rae Wienelhaus
6th – ZionLeily Bramwell – Leily Bramwell
2’6” Open Working Hunter Division
1st – Ritz Carlton – Leah Stepanian
2nd – Salizzole – Marcia Richardson
3rd – WT Zydeco Blue – Hilary Carrel
4th – Poppings Pavarotti – Faith Rea
5th – Kona – Bonnie Powell
6th – Wright-A-Way – Katherine Templeman
2’9” Open Working Hunter Division
1st – Kona – Bonnie Powell
1st – Wright-A-Way – Katherine L Templeman
2nd – Isadora – Emily Dolan
3’ 0 Open Working Hunter Division
1st – Crown Sterling – Lisa Baller
2nd – Fabulous – Lila Mann
3rd – Orlando – Evie Bramwell
4th – PM Jackpot – Grace Rae Wiebelhaus
5th – Qoala – Ellie Poteat
6th – Asia – Erin Toone
Jumper Divisions
.70 jumper open division
1st “Bannack Austen Samet-Brown”
2nd “Mr Ninja Taryn Nolte”
3rd “WT Zydeco Blue Hilary Carrel”
4th “Spone Bob Square Pant Stella Dalton”
4th “The Stranger Elise Uehlein”
5th “Chances R Kate Campbell”
6th No Rotary Dial Catalina Geger
.80 jumper open division
1st “Lola Z Lindsay Weinberg”
2nd “Ben Nevis Emma Campbell”
3rd “Joon Bug Randie Culbertson”
4th “Dartania Dillen E. Price”
5th “All About Eve Callie Boozer”
6th “Holland Erica Alfiero”
.85 jumper open division
1st “Mantis Nancy Miller”
2nd “Calimero Shana Candau”
3rd “WH Apocalypse Christina Choate”
3rd “Holland Erica Alfiero “
4th “Habanera Destiny Pyles”
5th “Atlas Rileigh Sullivan”
6th “Straight on Laggan John R. Herning”
.90 jumper open division
1st “Lola Z Lindsay Weinberg “
2nd “Joon Bug Randie Culbertson”
3rd “Qoala Ellie Poteat Ellie Poteat”
4th “Poppings Pavarotti Faith Rea”
5th “Mantis Nancy Miller Nancy Miller”
6th “Killians Classic Red Gayl Russell”
1.00 jumper open division
1st “Fabulous Lila Mann”
2nd “WT Zydeco Blue Hilary Carrel”
3rd “Mantis Nancy Miller Nancy Miller”
4th “WT Dexy Karin Brown”
5th “Farrah H Chanel Shafer”
6th “Nowitzki D Jessie A. Klingler”
1.05 jumper open division
1st “Atlas Rileigh Sullivan “
2nd “Cougar Defense John R. Herning”
3rd “Leonard Caroline Kurtz”
1.10 jumper open division
1st “Pimlico Elizabeth Champagne”
2nd “Farrah H Chanel Shafer”
3rd “Chapeau Whitne Wicks”
4th “Kilkenny Cairo Gayl Russell”
5th “WT Dexy Karin Brown”
6th “Leonard Caroline Kurtz “
1.20 Montana H/J Assn Grand Prix
1st “I’ll Be Frank Hilary Carrel”
2nd “Fortado Charlie Carrel”
3rd “GIZMO ETC Kristine Hardwick”
4th “Chapeau Whitne Wicks”


Equitation Division *Please note that Year-End Under Saddle points in Hunter and Equitation divisions will count only for the four (4) top scoring horses in over fences for each division. (rulebook p. 34)

18″ Jr/AA Equitation
1st “Amelia Fristch”
2nd “Shelby Kremer”
3rd “Olivia Krezel”
2’3″ Jr/AA Equitation
1st “Grace Rae Wiebelhaus”
2nd “Austen Samet-Brown
3rd “Leily Bramwell”
4th “Elise Phares”
5th “Lola McCurdy”
6th “Amy Smith”
2’6″ Jr/AA Equitation
1st Jennifer Green
2nd “Honor Coulter”
3rd “Evie Bramwell”
4th “Lola McCurdy”
5th Erin Toone
6th Hadley Lieberman
3′ Open Equitation
1st Teresa Mann
2nd “Lisa Baller”
3rd “Maeve Bailey”
4th “Zoe Jackson”
5th “Evie Bramwell”



Official points will be posted online during the show season, with the goal of an initial posting no later than July 1.  You also may contact the MHJA Points Secretary:  Heather Davies secretary@mthunterjumper.com

MHJA Points Scorecard is found here.

Track your own points. Note to riders, trainers, and parents: We make every effort to report points and standings accurately. If you see results that appear to be in error or if you have questions about them, please notify Heather Davies at the e-mail address noted above. Thank you.


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