MHJA Rulebook 2024

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New and Changed Rules for 2024

Exact wording found in the 2024 Rulebook

* The number of rated hunter divisions has been reduced from 16 to 9.  Pony Hunter, 2’6″ Adult Amateur, 2’9″ Adult Amateur, Thoroughbred Hunter, Green Hunter, 3’3″ Junior, and 3’3″ Adult Amateur divisions are no longer rated.

*The number of rated jumper divisions has been reduced from 12 to 9 divisions.  Pony Jumpers and 1.0m Thoroughbred divisions are no longer rated.

* An high point Thoroughbred award has been added to year end awards.

*The calendar year will now commence on December 1 and end November 30 to match the USHJA calendar.  This will not affect the show season, but will affect Junior status.

*Add additional language to the way of breaking ties for year-end awards. Former rule stated “In the event of a tie on the number of points, the number of first-place awards will determine the higher year end placing.”  Additional added verbiage: “If the class only has one competitor and that competitor is tied, for a year-end award, that class would not count as “first” place.

*Drug fee was raised to $7 from $5.

*Cost of membership changes: Individual Adult $40, Individual Junior $25, Family Membership $80 (includes 3 horses), 10 years old and under $10.

*To be eligible for Year End awards, in a hunter division, the horse must compete in, and complete, at least 25% of the under saddle classes for their division at the shows

*Tie breakers for Year End Hunter Derby will not only include the number of first placings, but also based in the number of competitors in the class.

*If a show manager, steward or judge has reasonable suspicion that a horse has been drugged, the horse can be selected for drug testing. The reasonable suspicion would need to documented and the test cost would be paid by the MHJA. Four Board Members (or Members at Large) must approve the testing.