MHJA Rulebook 2023


New and Changed Rules for 2023 

Exact wording found in the 2023 Rulebook (link at top of page).  

* The show fee is $250, of which $175 is refunded upon receipt of all fees and
points information

*Board member for ‘Facebook Manager’ is now ‘Social Media Manager’

* Allow Show Management to split a division to junior and adult riders should the number of entries warrant. Each class would provide points. Points would be consolidated for year end awards.

* In order to be eligible for year end awards, a rider must compete at 2 MHJA recognized shows. (Note: They do not have to ride in the same division or on the same horse. Point Secretary will maintain a record of member attendance.)

*If a show is held as a benefit show for another club association, there will not be a MHJA non-member fee charged. MHJA members that want to receive points from these venues will have to pay their drug fee and be members in good standing. (Note: This does not change the sponsoring organization from having to pay the Show approval fee of $150.)

*Add to Section V: Attire and Equipment. Hunter Attire & Tack. Sidesaddles may be used.

*The Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet date will be determined by February 28 and notification will be provided to Members. (Note: This replaces the set date of the first Saturday in November.)

*Shows will no longer have to list MHJA as an additional insured; D & O insurance purchased by the association will cover the association and board members.

*.60m jumper class has been added to rated MHJA classes.